Z-Man Games has acquired Seiji Kanai’s popular card game Love Letter from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). Z-Man will distribute remaining inventory and then reprint current versions of the game.

“I'm excited to work closely with Seiji Kanai to help Love Letter reach new audiences and realize its full potential.” said Steve Kimball, Head of Studio at Z-Man Games. Z-Man will reprint current versions of the game including the original English version and the premium edition (see “'Love Letter' Gets Upgrade in 'Premium' Edition”).

Kanai’s minimalist card game won the 2014 Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game (see “2014 Origins Winners Announced”) and has been licensed for several adaptations featuring popular characters including Batman, Hobbit, Archer, Adventure Time, Munchkin and L5R (see “'Batman' and 'Hobbit' 'Love Letter' Variants,” “Alderac Toy Fair News and Pics,” “'Adventure Time,' DC, and 'Hobbit' 'Love Letter',” “'Love Letter: Legend of the Five Rings'” and “Two New 'Munchkin' Hybrid Crossover Games”).

Love Letter and Lovecraft Letter have been a pure joy to develop and share with our customers,” said John Zinser, CEO of AEG. “We would like to thank Seiji Kanai and our partners at Japon Brand for entrusting us with the smallest but most valuable of treasures.”