Riding high on the recently growing demand for its books, DC is raising the price on its twice-monthly  ongoing DC Universe titles to $3.99 for both physical and digital copies. DC Comics confirmed the change with Newsarama. DC raised the prices on all the DCU titles except for the twice-monthly series back in January (see “DC Adds Free Digital Copy to Rebirth Titles and Raises Prices on Monthlies”); this new move brings the twice monthly series in line with the rest of the DCU titles.  The $2.99 price was a big point of emphasis in the "Rebirth" relaunch in 2016 (see “ICv2 Interview: The DC Co-Pubs Talk 'Rebirth,' Part 1”); that pricing era is now drawing to a close.

Solicitations for July-shipping titles have Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, Justice League, Superman, and Action Comics at $3.99, and Harley Quinn, Detective Comics, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lanterns at $2.99.  Two of the $3.99 titles, Wonder Woman and The Flash, were originally solicited at $2.99 in the print edition of DC Previews, but DC confirmed they'll be priced at $3.99 when they release.  It's unclear whether DC plans to up the price on the remaining in July or wait until it can get the new price out with the advance soliciation for August shipping.

DC’s New Age of DC Heroes and its kids titles will not be part of the price increase, according to the report.  The New Age of DC Heroes line was heavily promoted with TV and theater ads at the beginning of the year (see "DC Promotes 'New Age of DC Heroes' with TV Ads"), which featured the $2.99 price point.