Two new expansion decks for Plaid Hat Games’ Ashes:  Rise of the Phoenixborn are in the works for August: The Demons of Darmas and The Spirits of Memoria.

The Demons of Darmas Expansion Deck reveals the Phoenixborn Harold Westraven, who finds amusement in making the nightmare creatures of legend come to life, transforming the city of Darmas and the Ashen Forest in a haunted place of dark myths.

Meanwhile, in The Spirits of Memoria, Phoenixborn Sembali Grimtongue uses her powers to weave a daydream-inspired world of illusions to find solace from the dire prophesies whispered by the souls of the dead.

Each expansion deck adds new cards to the game, giving players more options with which to construct their decks.  Deck components and MSRP have not yet been announced, but earlier expansion decks in the line have been MSRP $14.95.

Last year, Plaid Hat released a pair of deluxe Ashes expansions with upgraded packaging (see "Two ‘Deluxe Expansion Sets’ for ‘Ashes, Rise of the Phoenixborn’").