Another player has joined the comics publishing field, coming to stores in September with a new format. AHOY Comics plans to disrupt the comics industry by coming to stands with comic book magazines, a format that features traditional full-length comics stories and extras including back-up stories, prose, editorial cartoons, and even poetry.

AHOY is the brainchild of Publisher Hart Seely, an award-winning journalist and satirist; Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer and Stuart Moore, two founding editors of DC’s Vertigo imprint; and Chief Creative Officer Frank Cammuso, an award-winning political cartoonist and kids comics creator. AHOY has four titles lined up for release this fall.

The Wrong Earth, a six-issue miniseries featuring a main story by Peyer (Captain Kid, Hourman) and artist Jamal Igle (Black, Supergirl), with inks by Juan Castro and colors by Andy Troy. The story explore what happens when Dragonflyman, who enjoys adventures with his sidekick Stinger on one Earth, trades places with the Dragonfly, who hunts criminal parasites on another Earth. The debut issue includes a prose story written by Grant Morrison (Happy!) and illustrated by Rob Steen, a Golden Age-style Stinger story from Paul Constant and Cammuso (The Misadventures of Salem Hyde), and a cartoon by Shannon Wheeler (Sh*t My President Says). The Wrong Earth #1, which comes in at 40 pages for an MSRP of $3.99, will be in stores on September 12.

High Heaven is a five-issue miniseries centered on a satirical main story about a Heaven that is anything but heavenly from Peyer and Greg Scott (Black Hood, X-Files), with colors by Andy Troy. The first issue features a backup story from Peyer and Chris Giarrusso (G-Man, Mini-Marvels), a prose story from Morrison that is illustrated by Rick Geary (A Treasury of Victorian Murder series), and a cartoon from Wheeler. The 40-page debut issue will be on sale September 26 for an MSRP of $3.99. For mature readers.

The central story of Captain Ginger, written by Moore (Deadpool the Duck) and illustrated by June Brigman (Power Pack) with inks by Roy Richardson and colors by Veronica Gandini, follows Captain Ginger and his feline compatriots as they traverse a hostile universe. The first issue of the four-issue miniseries includes a prose story from Morrison that is illustrated by Phil Hester (Green Arrow) and a cartoon by Wheeler. The 48-page first issue is in stores on October 17 for an MSRP of $3.99.

On October 31, the first of the six-issue anthology series Edgar Allen Poe’s Snifter of Terror will hit stands. A cross between Drunk History and Tales from the Crypt, the issue includes two Poe-inspired stories, one from Peyer and artist Fred Harper and the other from writer Mark Russell (The Flintstones) and artist Peter Snejbjerg (Starman). Extras include a story from Knockabout Comics stalwart Hunt Emerson and verse from Cienna Madrid illustrated by Carly Wright. The 40-page debut has an MSRP of $3.99. For mature readers.

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