Jonathan Tweet returns for a third edition of the weird world role playing game Over the Edge, which Atlas Games will release on June 12, 2019.

The first edition of Over the Edge, created by Jonathan Tweet (lead designer for Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition and co-designer of Ars Magica) and Robin Laws (Feng Shui, Hillfolk), was published in 1992.  Set on the mysterious island of Al Amarja and its capital city called the Edge, the game featured paranormal themes, mad science, and constant conspiracies, all set in a familiar, modern-day setting.

Tweet has returned to Over the Edge to oversee the development of the third edition and the update of the game setting.  The new system continues the free-form, player-driven style of the original game while adding a new dice mechanic that the system calls “casting lots.”  Casting lots uses two six-sided dice to resolve an in-game action, with the results on the dice not only determining success or failure, but also adding side effects that can be favorable or unfavorable for the characters.

The Over the Edge Core Print will be a 264-page, full-color, hardcover book that will include all of the rules for character creation and casting lots, as well as background information about the setting and tips for players and gamemasters.  MSRP is $45.95.

Atlas is funding the production of Over the Edge with a Kickstarter campaign that has broken the $100,000 mark with five days remaining, attracting more than 1700 backers pledging an average of $62.26 each.  The campaign includes a retailer-only backer package that has two copies of the Core Print book plus two sets of 10 Kickstarter-exclusive limited edition dice for use with the game.  Participating retailers will also be eligible for digital versions of the rulebook for their staff to support in-store events plus marketing assets and promo images.

The company plans to release its Soviet Union inspired card game Cogs and Commissars in October (see "Atlas Embraces the Robot Revolution").