Chaosium has recruited renowned role playing author Robin Laws (Feng Shui, Hillfolk) to write an updated version of the RuneQuest supplement Pavis & Big Rubble.  The first of two volumes, A Big Rubble, will release late in 2019, with Pavis planned for 2020.

Originally published in the early 1980s for use with the second edition of RuneQuest, the Pavis and Big Rubble boxed sets were the first fully urban setting for the game.  They described the city of Pavis and the ancient ruins that surround it, complete with urban politics, history, and locations, as well as pre-generated scenarios.  It quickly became a core resource for players of the game.  It would be reprinted in 1999 as a combined volume under the title Pavis & Big Rubble.

With the rebirth of RuneQuest last year (see “Chaosium Returns to Roots With ‘RuneQuest:  Roleplaying in Glorantha’”), the game system has returned to a form very similar to the second edition version.  Nonetheless, the company has decided to modernize the setting.  According to Chaosium’s Creative Director Jeff Richard, “We’re going to give it a completely new modern touch and take on it, with one of the best game writers in the business.”

Specific details are not available as the books have not yet been written, but Richard indicated that the target MSRP for each book will be between $40.00 and $50.00.