Former GAMA Deputy Director Angela Ward has retained Columbus, Ohio employment attorney David Stouffer as counsel, after the GAMA Board of Directors voted to terminate her employment as of July 25.  "There were some possible legal issues with the termination and with some aspects of her employment, so right now we’re working with GAMA on the other side to see if we can resolve the situation amicably for everybody," Stouffer told ICv2.

A review of GAMA’s bylaws shows that the GAMA Board of Directors has the right to hire and fire the Executive Director, who runs the day-to-day operations of the organization and would presumably have the authority to hire and fire any other employees.  "That’s my reading of the bylaws as well," Stouffer told us.

This is another sign of internal dissension and turmoil at GAMA, which is meeting Thursday to consider the fate of organization President Stephan Brissaud, who’s accused of assaulting a security guard at Gen Con (see "Police Report Filed on Gen Con Incident").  The organization has also voted not to renew the contract of Executive Director John Ward and called a Special Membership Meeting to consider the decision (see "GAMA Board Calls Membership Meeting").