Knight Models has shared images for upcoming box sets and resin figures for its Batman Miniature Game. The products are expected to release in Q4.

Bat-Boxes are a way to join the action of the Batman Miniature Game with one purchase. Each box includes a complete Crew and all the cards needed to play. Each box also includes a unique Objective for the Crew, a new scenario, and a set of quickstart rules.


  • Suicide Squad Bat Box  $79.95
  • The Joker – Clowns Party Bat Box $89.95
  • The Riddler – Quizmasters Bat Box $89.95
  • The Penguin – Crimelord Bat Box $96.00
  • The Court of Owls – Talon’s Night Bat Box $79.95

Batman Miniature Game

  • Batman 80th Anniversary $44.95
  • Parliament of Owls $44.95
  • Terror in Gotham $69.99
  • Legion of Doom (TV show) $39.95
  • Robin & Goliath $57.00
  • Team Flash $33.95
  • Clayface (multiverse – can be used in DC Universe Miniatures Game as well) $33.95
  • Penguins $16.95

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.

(See images of all miniatures in the gallery below!)