Industry veteran Jon Hodgson has started a new publishing company called Handiwork Games, based in Scotland.  The first two lines from the new company will be the historically-inspired role playing games Hellenistika and Beowulf.

Jon Hodgson was the creative director at Cubicle 7, providing writing and artwork for The One Ring (see “‘Adventures in Middle-earth’ Reach ‘Eaves of Mirkwood’”) and overseeing the company’s creative efforts.  Hodgson left the company earlier this year.

The new company has announced its first two projects, a pair of role playing games built on the 5th Edition game engine and featuring historical themes and settings:

Hellenistika offers a fantasy take on ancient Greece, set shortly after the death of Alexander.  The game combines Greek mythology with more familiar fantasy elements as well as history, inviting players to explore Babylonian ziggurats and Egyptian pyramids as they confront Amazons, dragons, and even giant robotic “kolossoi” battlesuits and sky-ships. 

Hellenistika was developed in partnership with Ken Hite, whose work includes GURPS Horror, Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, and Vampire:  The Masquerade 5th Edition.

Beowulf takes its inspiration from the epic tales of the Norse, and is designed for two-player games with only a gamemaster and a single hero, much like the titular character Beowulf, supported by their companions.

Both game systems will feature new character classes and playable races, as well as modified rules to reflect the setting.

In addition to publishing its own products, Handiwork Games will act as a development studio, providing artwork, product development, and other services to other publishers.  The studio’s client list already includes Monte Cook Games, Onyx Path Publishing, and Uhrwerk Verlag.