Modiphius Entertainment is teaming up with Swedish game publisher Free League Publishing once again, this time for the fantasy role playing game Forbidden Lands, releasing in North America on December 18.

Like Tales from the Loop, Forbidden Lands will run on the Year Zero Engine.  It will have the first fantasy art by Simon Stalenhag (whose art inspired Tales from the Loop), as well as new and classic art by Nils Gullikson.  Lore is by Erik Granstom.  An OGL will allow independent creators to make RPG products for the world.
Forbidden Lands does not focus on the heroics of high fantasy, instead offering a grittier take on fantasy.  The player characters are rogues and raiders trying to survive in a land that has been cursed, looting lost tombs, wandering wild lands, and fighting monsters in search of wealth and glory.  Successful characters who survive long enough can erect their own strongholds.

The initial release will feature five products:

The Forbidden Lands Boxed Set comes with two hardcover books, both featuring faux leather covers.  The Player’s Manual has rules for character creation, combat, and magic, while the Gamemaster’s Guide describes the Forbidden Lands setting and includes a bestiary, random encounters, and three complete “adventure sites.”  Also included in the box are the Legends & Adventures booklet, with additional character creation options, and a large full-color map with a sheet of stickers that players can use to record their adventures.  MSRP is $47.99.

Raven’s Purge is the first adventure sourcebook for the game, describing the ruby-encrusted crown of the first six elves of the Forbidden Lands and the tales that surround it.  Rather than offer a linear story, the book features detailed histories, legends, NPCs, and eight adventure sites that players can explore however they choose.  MSRP is $34.99.

A Forbidden Lands Gamemaster Screen is also being offered, measuring 688 by 240 mm and featuring artwork by Alvaro Tapia.  MSRP is $$24.99.

The Forbidden Lands Card Deck has 55 illustrated cards depicting a variety of magical artifacts, mounts characters can ride, and combat maneuvers.  MSRP is $18.99.

A set of engraved custom dice manufactured by Q-Workshop will also be available, with all 12 dice needed to play the game.  The dice feature all of the special symbols used in the game, and are numbered so they can be used with any game.  MSRP is $22.99.

Free League Publishing produced the 1980s sci-fi-inspired role playing game Tales From the Loop in 2016 (see “Sweden Brings the Strange in 1980s Sci-Fi Nostalgia RPG”).  A follow up game, Things From the Flood, will release next year (see “‘Things From the Flood RPG’ Coming to Trade”).

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