The Adventurer’s Crate set for Mantic Entertainment’s Terrain Crate line will release in February.

Like other Terrain Crate sets, the Adventurer’s Crate features a number of unpainted plastic scenery pieces.  This set includes a variety of furnishings and fixtures that one might encounter in a dungeon or other interior setting, with a number of bookshelves, tables, beds, chairs and stools, weapon racks, pillars, altars, a fireplace, and other accouterments.  All told, the set comes with 68 different terrain pieces.  Assembly is required for some components.  MSRP is $79.99.

Last month, Mantic released a miniatures set with dungeon terrain pieces geared towards game masters (see “‘Terrain Crate’ Offers Dungeon in a Box”).

Mantic has also set a February release for five Nightstalkers Faction sets for the Kings of War:  Vanguard game that were originally scheduled for January (see “‘Kings of War:  Vanguard’ Adds Horde of Nightstalkers”).