Monte Cook Games is warming up new books for its Invisible Sun and Numenera role playing games, set to release on Q1:  Secrets of Silent Streets for Invisible Sun and Slaves of the Machine God and Priests of the Aeons for Numenera.

Secrets of Silent Streets is a guidebook for the city of Satyrine, the center of the “Actuality” setting for Invisible Sun, with detailed descriptions of its seventeen districts, its landmarks, points of interest, and denizens.  The book also includes plot hooks, NPCs, and creatures to help gamemasters create adventures.  MSRP is $49.00.

The Slaves of the Machine God book is a complete campaign for the Numenera system, centered around an army of automatons and an attempted assassination of the Amber Pope.  The adventures within are divided into two story arcs, each with eight parts, that can be run separately as short campaigns or woven together into a longer one.  MSRP is $39.99.

Priests of the Aeons expands the Numenera system with deeper information about the Order of Truth and the Aeon Priests.  The book also has new options for character creation, including new equipment options, foci, cyphers, and descriptors.  MSRP is $44.99.

Monte Cook launched Invisible Sun and an updated edition of Numenera last year (see “‘Invisible Sun’ and ‘Numenera’ Releases”), with Invisible Sun quickly selling out and prompting the company to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund another print run that attracted $339,478 from 1,505 backers (an average of $225.57 per backer).