Marvel Comics will release a one-shot postscript to Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross’ 1994 miniseries Marvels on July 24.

Set in the Marvels universe, this 16-page story follows now-retired news photographer Phil Sheldon and his daughters on a trip to Manhattan to see the Christmas lights.  They find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between the “all-new, all-different” X-Men of the 1970s and the mutant-hunting Sentinels. Like the Marvels miniseries, this issue will offer a unique, close-up “everyman” view on the mutant experience.  The 40-page one-shot also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the special story, and other bonus features.

The story will be written by Busiek and Ross, and fully-painted by Ross, and will feature a main cover, and a sketch variant cover by Ross. Variants by Dave Johnson, Ron Lim, Skottie Young, Fred Hembeck and Dave Cockrum are also planned. A photo variant cover will also be available. MSRP is $4.99.