Corvus Belli has announced the Operation:  Wildfire boxed set for its Infinity tabletop miniatures game, which will release in August.

Like earlier Operation boxed sets (see “New ‘Infinity’ Starter Set; ‘Aristeia!’ Expansion”), Operation:  Wildfire is designed to provide new players a convenient jumping-in point while advancing the game’s ongoing storyline.  The boxed set includes two complete teams, featuring the new O-12 faction and the re-worked Shasvastii faction, as well as all of the components two players need to play the game.  It also has an 84-page rules booklet with descriptions of the troops in both teams and a series of five tutorial missions that teach the game through play.

Operation:  Wildfire will feature upgraded components compared to earlier Infinity starter box sets, with all-new designs for scenery, markers, and templates.  The components are manufactured from thicker cardboard (3mm), and the miniatures come with new bases with Line of Fire indicators to help streamline gameplay.  The set comes with 14 miniatures (6 from each faction plus two exclusive miniatures), 19 3-dimensional cardboard terrain pieces, a 24- by 34-inch game mat, 6 20-sided dice, 41 tokens, 6 templates, and 2 rulers.  MSRP is $129.99.

Click Gallery below to see the miniatures included in the set.

Earlier this year, Corvus Belli introduced the Yu Jing faction to the game (see “New ‘Infinity’ Starter Features Yu Jing Sectorial”).