The Aleph sourcebook for Corvus Belli’s Infinity:  The Roleplaying Game is coming soon, along with a print edition of the Gamemaster’s Guide and two decks of cards to support the game:  the Location Card Deck and the Wilderness of Mirrors Card Deck.

The Aleph sourcebook provides a complete description of the Artificial Intelligence created by Project Toth to protect the Human Sphere.  It describes the creation of ALEPH and its inner workings, and includes rules for creating AI characters, Lifepaths for characters connected to the AI, new armor and weapons, and adversaries suited to games that feature ALEPH.  Rounding out the book is a section with guidelines on how to run campaigns centered around the AI’s Special Situations Sections and using advanced infowar techniques. 

Aleph has an MSRP of $19.99.

Also releasing is the print version of the Gamemaster’s Guide, announced earlier this year (see “The Frontiers of ‘Infinity:  The Roleplaying Game’ Expand”).  This book provides game masters with background information about the setting and tips for running successful campaigns.  MSRP $19.99.

Two accessories to aid game masters are also coming out at this time:  the Infinity: Location Card Deck and the Infinity: Wilderness of Mirrors Card Deck.  Each deck includes 54 landscape-oriented cards with helpful information for the game master.  The Location Card Deck features locations players might discover with descriptions of operations that may occur within.  The Wilderness of Mirrors cards describe the intrigues and plots of the G5 nations.  MSRP $18.99 each.

Click Gallery below for pages from the Aleph book and cards from the Card Decks.

On the miniatures side of the Infinity universe, Corvus Belli is also releasing the Operation:  Wildfire boxed set this month (see “Fourth ‘Infinity’ Starter Box Sports Upgrades”).