For the first time, DC Comics is collecting Howard Chaykin’s controversial run on the Golden Age-Bronze Age legend Blackhawk.  The hardcover volume collects Blackhawk: Blood & Iron #1-3, plus stories from Action Comics Weekly #601-608, #615-622, and #628-635 and Secret Origins #45.  The 384-page collection hits comic shops on December 11, 2019 at $49.99 MSRP.

Chaykin’s original miniseries, Blackhawk: Blood & Iron #1-3, ran in 1988 to generally good reviews, but some outrage over changes to the character.  The mini was popular enough to gain Blackhawk a slot for three eight-issue runs in the revamped Action Comics Weekly.

Chaykin’s storyline has the Will Eisner/Chuck Cuidera creation accused of Communist leanings.  Disgraced, he stumbles across a plot to overthrow the U.S. government and bomb New York City concocted by former Nazis out for revenge against the United States.

The DC Black Label collection features a cover by Howard Chaykin, with stories by Chaykin, Martin Pasco and Mike Grell, and art by Chaykin, Grant Miehm and Rick Burchett.