CMON has announced two new sets of miniatures for its A Song of Ice & Fire:  Tabletop Miniatures Game:  the Night’s Watch Heroes II and Skinchangers sets.

Night’s Watch Heroes II includes a number of new characters that can be added to Night’s Watch armies, with Benjen Stark, a new army commander, and Coldhands, a single-model unit that has the ability to return to play after being killed.  The set also features new NCU characters, including Craster, Samwell Tarley, and Gilly.

The miniatures are supplied unpainted.  MSRP is $29.99 for the set.

The Free Folk army also gets a boost in the Skinchangers set, which features special characters that have a unique ability to control the actions of wild animals such as wolves and bears.  Skinchanger characters can be added to any Free Folk unit as a Unit Attachment, and doing so also adds a special animal unit to the table that automatically activates after the Skinchanger’s unit.

Miniatures supplied unpainted. MSRP is $29.99.

The complete contents of each set and their release dates have not been announced.

CMON is preparing to launch its Cthulhu:  Death May Die boardgame as well, along with a series of supporting expansions (see “Daviau and Lang’s ‘Cthulhu’ Joined by Other Horrors”) and a new miniatures game inspired by Egyptian mythology (see “CMON Unveils ‘Ankh’”).