HABA USA will release Miyabi, a Japanese gardening board game, in Q4.

In Miyabi, players build up a Japanese garden by skillfully placing tiles, featuring stones, bushs, trees, ponds, and pagodas, onto a six-by-six personal game board grid.  Players take turns drafting tiles out of a communal pool, and score points based on the objects they add to their garden grid.  The game lasts four to six rounds, depending on the number of players in the game, and the player with the most points scored from objects on their tiles wins at the end of the last round.

Miyabi is for two to four players, ages eight and up, and plays in 45 minutes.  It will retail for $39.99.

HABA USA also announced Valley of the Vikings to be released this Fall (see "English Edition of Award-Winner 'Valley of the Vikings'").