Knight Models will release Superman (2019 Super Sculpt) and Cyborg Superman & Mongul, miniatures sets for the DC Universe Miniature Game, into distribution in October.

The Man of Steel is back in Metropolis to battle the villains of the DC Universe in Superman (2019 Super Sculpt) miniatures set. This Super Sculpt depicts the Superman blasting into the air off the top of the Daily Planet building. This set comes with an unpainted miniature, its plastic base, and a character card, and it will retail for $50.95.

The dangerous super villain alliance of Cyborg Superman & Mongul have also returned to Metropolis to wreak havoc and defeat Superman. This miniatures set comes with two plastic resin miniatures, two plastic pedestals, and two character cards. Cyborg Superman & Mongul miniatures set will have a MSRP of $33.95.       

Knight Models recently announced two other DC Universe Miniatures Game sets (see "Knight Models Reveals Two New 'DC Universe Miniatures Game' Sets").

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