A new chapter in the Warhammer 40,000 saga opens with Games Workshop releasing the Blood of the Phoenix boxed set and the Phoenix Rising sourcebook on October 19.

The Psychic Awakening series will be a collection of linked products that continue the on-going storyline for the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  This first part focuses on the Aeldari race, starting with the Blood of the Phoenix boxed set.

Blood of the Phoenix recreates the plot by Drukhari Master of Blades Drazhar to assassinate the Phoenix Lord Jain Zar, a leader of the Craftworld Aeldari.  The set includes a 40-page booklet that describes the history of the Aeldari and presents a multi-part campaign that allows players to play through the struggle between the two leaders.  Also included are 25 unpainted plastic Citadel miniatures, with both Drazhar and Jain Zar, two vehicles, five Howling Banshees, and 16 Drukhari warriors, along with datasheets for every model in the set.  MSRP is $230.00.

The Psychic Awakening is explored in more detail in the Phoenix Rising sourcebook, which explores the “Great Rift” between the three main factions of the Aeldari and the conflict between them.  The 80-page hardcover tome also features new scenarios based on pivotal battles of the Psychic Awakening plus expanded army lists and rules, new Exarch abilities, and Psychic Disciplines for the Craftworlds, Drukhari, and Ynnari factions.  MSRP is $40.00.

A deluxe Collector’s Edition of Phoenix Rising is also being offered, with additional background material, the Blood of the Phoenix narrative, and four short stories about the Psychic Awakening.  This 96-page book features a soft-touch cover, black page edges, and a built-in ribbon marker.  This will be a limited edition run and will not be reprinted.  MSRP is $80.00.

Click Gallery below to see the miniatures included in Blood of the Phoenix and pages from Phoenix Rising.

Last month, Games Workshop released new Space Marine sourcebooks featuring the Raven Guard and Iron Hands Chapters (see “More Space Marine ‘Codex Supplements’ on the Way”).