Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been given creative control of publishing, animation, and television in addition to film content, according to Hollywood Reporter.  The move unifies control of Marvel’s creative content under Feige, who has proven his worth to the company through an uninterrupted series of hit films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The change further diminishes the portfolio of Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, who has been losing ground since 2015, when he lost Marvel Studios to Feige (see “Perlmutter Loses Marvel Studios”), and continued earlier this year, when Feige was given control of the new Marvel TV series produced for Disney+ (see “Marvel TV in the MCU”).

The new structure is beginning to mimic DC’s, where DC reports through WarnerMedia’s Warner Bros. film studio, which produces DC films and television.

Dan Buckley will continue as President of Marvel Entertainment, a position he assumed in early 2017 (see “Dan Buckley Promoted”), but will now report to Feige on creative matters and to Perlmutter on publishing operations, sales, creative services, games, licensing and events, according to the report. Other creative executives under Buckley remain the same.

No word on what will happen to current head of Marvel television Jeph Loeb.