Twilight Creations, Inc. will release Are You Patient Zero?, a "Whodunnit?" card game, for trade in December 2019.

Are You Patient Zero? is a unique take on a "Whodunnit?" style card game where players gain Infection cards and have to physically perform what their Infection card says each round all while trying to guess which of them is Patient Zero. The game employs a voting mechanic where players use the information at their disposal to vote on which player is Patient Zero, and attempt to avoid getting infections in the process. If the players discover the identity of Patient Zero and vote to cure them, the Humans win (everyone who is not Patient Zero). However, should one of the players acquire three Infection cards, Patient Zero is the winner.     

The game box contains 10 Role cards, 9 Round cards, 12 Travel cards, 18 Physical Infections, 18 Rules Infections, and 18 Talk Infections. Are You Patient Zero? will retail for $15.99.

Twilight Creations, Inc. also released information on Zombies!!! Vegas (see "Sin City is Infested in 'Zombies!!! Vegas'").