WizKids revealed four more new Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts miniature packs, Female Human Oracle (Magic User), Male Human Sorceror, Ogre, and Hobgoblin, that will hit stores in March of 2020.

They will release two new Human character packs, Female Human Oracle (Magic User) and Male Human Sorceror. Both miniature sets come with two unpainted character figures in different poses that are primed and prepped to paint right out of the box.  These two Human character packs will retail for $4.99 each.

WizKids also added two more monster pack to the March 2020 slate, Ogre and Hobgoblin.  The Hobgoblin is a single count pack that comes in two different types, one Hobgoblin has a spear and the other has a bow and arrow.  The Ogre monster pack features a single miniature that also comes unpainted.  Each of these miniature packs will retail for $49.99.

WizKids also released information on other Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts miniatures for 2020 (see "New Miniatures For 'Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts'").