AHOY Comics will release the collection of its controversial Second Coming series on February 26 in comic stores and March 10 in bookstores, the company announced.  AHOY picked up the title after DC reversed course and elected not to publish it after soliciting the first two issues (see “AHOY Comics To Publish ‘Second Coming’”).  The story of a modern-day Jesus Christ’s return to Earth is by writer Mark Russell and artists Richard Pace, with colors by Andy Troy and letters by Rob Steen.  Cover of the collected edition is by Richard Pace. This is a substantial delay from the originally scheduled release date of July 10 (see “Ahoy Comics Signs with Diamond Book Distributors”).

AHOY will release a trade paperback collection of Dragonfly & Dragonflyman: Night and Day, written by Tom Peyer, with art by Peter Krause, colors by Andy Troy, and letters by Rob Steen, in comic shops on May 27 and in bookstores on June 9.

Comics in AHOY’s “Fourth Wave” include Billionaire Island, Ash & Thorn, and Penultiman.

Billionaire Island, written by Second Coming’s Mark Russell with art by Steve Pugh (the team behind DC’s The Flintstones) colors by Chris Chuckry, and letters by Rob Steen, is a 6-issue series about an island where billionaires are trying to ride out the apocalypse, launching in March.

Ash & Thorn, written by Mariah McCourt with art by Soo Lee, colors by Pippa Bowland, and letters by Rob Steen, will feature covers by Jill Thompson.  The 5-issue series, launching in April, tells the story of a little old lady and her also-elderly trainer, who are called on to fight the next Apocalypse.

Penultiman, written by Tom Peyer with art by Alan Robinson, colors by Lee Loughridge, letters by Rob Steen, and covers by Robinson, will launch in May.  The five-issue series tells the story of a superhero exiled from the future, and his android understudy.

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