Modiphius Entertainment unveiled Institute Core Box, Institute Synths, and Institute Covert Ops, miniatures for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, as well as the complementary  Institute Wave and Automatron Card Packs for release in January 2020.

The Institute is an organization that uses robots that infiltrate humanity by replacing them with Synths. These synthetic bogeymen can emulate humans precisely, and are looking to remove them one-by-one. Essentially, the Institute is "everywhere and nowhere" at the same time.

The Institute Core Box set comes with eight 32mm scale miniatures that have multiple parts and are made of resin as well as bases. It retails for $50.00. Alongside the Core Box, Modiphius will also release the Institute Synths and Institute Covert Ops sets. The Institute Synths sets will come with six resin miniatures and scenic bases, retailing for $50.00, and the Institute Covert Ops features three resin miniatures and scenic bases at a MSRP of  $27.00.

They will also release two Card Packs, Institute Wave and Automatron, contains rules that complement the Institute miniatures. The Institute Wave Card Pack contains all the rules for units, weapons, and equipment for the following sets: Institute Core Box, Institute Synths, Institute Covert Operations, Overlord and Fist, Elder Maxon and Captain Kells, Order of the Shield, Vault Personnel Expansion, Super Mutant Skirmishers Expansion, T-51 Power Armour Expansion, and Unusual Allies Expansion. This Card Pack will retail for $30.00. The Automatron Card Pack contains cards used to create custom made robots, such as weapons, mods, perks, and AI, and will retail for $16.99.

Modiphius recently released a number of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures in the Fall (see "Modiphius' Fall Releases For 'Fallout: Wasteland Warfare'").

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