Dark Horse Comics will launch X-Ray Robot on March 25.  The four-issue series is written by Michael Allred, with colors by Laura Allred and letters by Nate Piekos.  Each issue will include bonus 3D pin-ups.

The new title takes place in Allred’s Madmaniverse, he said in a statement accompanying the announcement.  "Some of the threads are more obvious than others, but most of my creator-owned work ties together," he said.  "It shouldn’t surprise anyone to have someone familiar show up from my other "Madmaniverse" books like It Girl, The Atomics, Spaceman, Mr. Gum, or Red Rocket 7."

X-Ray Robot centers on a Max, a family man seeking a more interesting life.  When Max accidentally opens a tear in the fabric of reality a robot appears claiming to be his 277-year old self.  The robot can "X-Ray" multiple dimensions and is locked in a battle with a nihilistic entity who wants to take all life back to its "Pre-Big Bang" status.  The two set off on an interdimensional road trip though the past and present to save the universe.

Allred also contributed art for a David Bowie biography due out in January (see "Insight Comics to Publish ‘Bowie’ by Horton and Allred, with Gaiman Intro; ‘Buyan’").