Wizards of the Coast revealed the pack contents breakdown of the Collector Boosters for the upcoming Theros Beyond Death set for Magic: The Gathering which will release on January 24, 2020. They unveiled the first product line details for the new set back in October (see "Wizards of the Coast Reveals First Details On The 'Theros: Beyond Death' Product Line").

The Collector Boosters for Throne of Eldraine featured some of the most sought after cards in the set, and were targeted directly at the growing number of Magic: The Gathering collectors. The new Theros Beyond Death Collector Boosters are shaping up the same way. Each Collector's Booster pack of the new set will contain the following:

Eight foil common, uncommon, or basic land cards

  • Two foil Showcase Nyx basic lands
  • An ancillary Theros Beyond Death card (a card that does not appear in Theros Beyond Death Draft Boosters)
  • A rare or mythic rare with extended art frame card
  • A foil rare or mythic rare card (one in four packs include an extended frame card in this slot)
  • A Saga, Constellation showcase frame card, or borderless planeswalker card
  • A foil Saga, Constellation showcase frame card, or borderless planeswalker card
  • A foil double-sided token

The major change from the Throne of Eldraine Collector Booster packs are the addition of two full-art, foil Showcase Nyx lands lieu of one of the foil common/uncommon/basic land cards and one of the special frame cards. Foil full-art lands were last featured in a standard set in Hour of Devastation (see "Package Artwork Revealed for 'MTG: Hour of Devastation'").

Recently, Wizards of the Coast released card spoilers for Theros Beyond Death (see "Wizards of the Coast Previews 'Magic The Gathering' 'Theros Beyond Death'").   

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