Privateer Press will release Negation Angels and Archnumen Aurora, new miniatures sets for Warmachine and Hordes, into trade in April 2020.

Negation Angels: Convergence Unit. Aurora engineered the negation angels comprise the archnumen’s personal host. They are a excellent unit for a Convergence army and the Clockwork Angels. The Negation Angels are melee-oriented, and have paralysis attacks which can prevent enemies from fighting back. This set contains three metal Negation Angels and will retail for $27.99.

Archnumen Aurora: Mercenary Warcaster/Convergence Solo/Convergence Unit. Aurora is second only to the Iron Mother as commander of the Convergence of Cyriss. She is accompanied by Prefect Hypatia as they send the Negation Angels into battle. This mini-starter box set includes the new warcaster Archnumen Aurora, Prefect Hypatia, and a unit of three Negation Angels, and retails for $84.99.

Privateer Press released information on new miniatures for Warmachine and Hordes set to release in March 2020 (see "New 'Warmachine' and 'Hordes' Miniatures For March").