Free League Publishing unveiled Symbar: Mother of Darkness campaign module and Davokar & Symbar Hexagon Map, for use with the dark fantasy roleplaying game Symbaroum, for release on January 28, 2020.

In Symbar: Mother of Darkness, players enter the Forest of Davokar hunting for treasure, lost wisdom, and fame. "Mother of Darkness" refers to the ruins of Symbar, the once capital of the Symbaroum empire, which has been lost in time. Recently though, a possible location for Symbar has been discovered and competing groups of explorers have ventured out to pillage their share of its rumored riches. This book features a comprehensive chapter for Game Masters on the history of Davokar as well as a chapter with rules for new traits, artifacts, creatures, and an expanded version of Bushcraft boon. This campaign module will retail for $39.99.

Alongside the new campaign module, Free League will also offer a new map. The Davokar & Symbar Hexagon Map is a double-sided, full-color map, which is approximately 16.5" by 23.4" in size, that details Symbar on one side and Davokar on the other. This map set retails for $14.99.

Free League Publishing recently announced that it has acquired Coriolis RPG from Paradox Interactive (see "Free League Publishing Acquires 'Coriolis' From Paradox Interactive").