Ultra PRO will release three new M2 Deck Boxes, for use with standard-sized TCG cards, in February 2020.

The popular M2 Deck Box series has been redesigned to feature new materials and on-trend patterns. The 100+ version holds 100+ double-sleeved standard-sized TCG cards which is perfect for storing Magic: The Gathering Commander decks. The interior of each box is lined with a flat, protective black material, and has two modular compartments. The top modular compartment can be used to hold tokens and dice, and the bottom, larger compartment houses an actual sleeved deck.

The new M2 Deck Boxes come in three designs: Mermaid Scale, Spectrum, and Shattered Obsidian. They will retail for $24.99 each.

Ultra PRO also announced Sword and Shield Galar accessories for release into trade in February 2020 (see "Ultra PRO Unveils 'Sword and Shield Galar' Accessories For 'Pokemon TCG'").

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