Renegade Game Studios will release Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game, a game based on the Oni Press graphic novel by Natalie Riess (see "Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids' Comics Shortlist Announced"), in May of 2020.

Earth baker Peony and others face off on an intergalactic cooking show! Players collect and combine flavor cards in an attempt to make blue ribbon quality dishes, and impress the out-of-this-world judge panel.  The game box includes 40 Dish cards, 60 Flavor cards, 6 Judge cards, 5 Chef cards, 5 Spatula tokens, a first player token, 5 player aid cards, and a rulesheet.

This game is designed by Daniel Solis, and features illustrations by Space Battle Lunchtime creator Natalie Riess. Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game is for two to five players, ages 10 and up, plays in 30 minutes, and will retail for $25.00.

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