Both the number of projects funded and the dollars raised for comics on Kickstarter hit new highs in 2019, according to the results of a study by ICO Partners released on Twitter.  Dollars were up nearly $1 million, to $16,217,336 from $15,294,881 in 2018, a 6% increase.  And comic projects funded were up 10%, from 1,456 in 2018 to 1,597 last year.  Growth was primarily in smaller projects, those raising less than $50,000.

The growth rates, while solid, were down from those in 2018, when dollars raised went up 27% and the number of funded projects went up 14% (see “Comics Booming on Kickstarter”).

The geographic mix moved toward the U.S., with 70% of the funded projects funded in U.S. dollars, up from 64% of the funded projects in 2018.

Efficiency stayed roughly flat, with a very strong 69.2% of all projects funded, compared to 69.8% of all projects funded in 2018. The failure rate for comic Kickstarter projects is also lower than average, around 5% of all funded projects (see “Kickstarter’s Camilla Zhang on the Company’s Role in the Comics Ecosystem”).