DC Comics will launch a new series of five Generation one-shots, each telling stories from a different age in DC's history, in May, the company announced.  The series follows DC's Free Comic Book Day release, Generation Zero: Gods Among Us, which features Wonder Woman and Wally West, the Fastest Man Alive, laying the foundation for big changes in the DC universe.  Beginning with the Generation Zero FCBD issue, DC is using the phrase, "Everything counts," to flag the permanent retelling of DC's history that's underway.

DC Publisher Dan DiDio explained the series.  "The Generation series of specials are built to bring the new DC timeline to life," he said.  "With Generation One: Age of Mysteries and every subsequent volume we’ll be shining a spotlight on the 80-plus-year publishing history of the DC universe while charting the course for the bright future of DC’s characters."

An overarching story across the five specials is written by Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, Robert Venditti, and Joshua Williamson, with art by Doug Mahnke, Bryan Hitch, Mikel Janin, Ivan Reis, David Marquez, and more.  Every issue will feature a cover by Jim Cheung and a variant cover by Gary Frank.

The first issue in the new series of 48-page Prestige format comics, Generation One: Age of Mysteries, written by Andy Schmidt with lead art by Dough Mahnke, will street May 27.  The other four issues, shipping monthly, are:

  • Generation Two: Age of the Metahuman
  • Generation Three: Age of Crisis
  • Generation Four: Age of Rebirth
  • Generation Five: Age of Tomorrow

DC is promising answers to the following questions in the series:

  • What was the previously undocumented "big bang" of the Age of Mysteries?
  • Which character truly ushers in the dawn of Super Heroes, inspiring all the rest?
  • What was the real reason behind the Justice Society of America's retirement?
  • Which Golden Age hero will become history's greatest villain?
  • What contentious alliance kept the Wayne family dynasty alive after Thomas and Martha's deaths?
  • Who are the new, never-seen-before wildcards that will be instrumental in fashioning DC's push to the future?