WizKids revealed The Tower, a new scenery piece for its D&D Icons of the Realms line and Redcap Ruckus, a dexterity-based game, at New York Toy Fair.  Both are expected to release this year.

The D&D Icons of the Realms:  The Tower will be a large-scale plastic set piece standing three (miniature) stories tall, with doors, windows, and stairs.  The structure is in the same scale as other Icons of the Realms miniatures, making it a useful battlefield accessory or encounter area.

The release date and MSRP for The Tower has not yet been set.  WizKids has revealed Icons of the Realms releases for March (see “Joe Manganiello’s Arkhan the Cruel Added to ‘D&D Icons of the Realms’) and April (see “WizKids Reveals New ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Pre-painted Miniatures”).

On the boardgame side, Redcap Ruckus will be a dexterity-based game about combative gnomes (traditionally called “redcaps” in the folklore of England) competing king-of-the-hill style to control the top of a mushroom.  Points are awarded for capturing opposing redcaps, with competition continuing until one player knocks off the Great Crystal.

Redcap Ruckus will be released in December with a $30.00 MSRP.

The company was also showing off El Maestro, releasing in June (see “WizKids Announces ‘El Maestro’”).