Free League Publishing has revealed details for the Tales from the Loop Roleplaying Game Starter Set coming in April alongside the release of the Amazon series (see “‘Tales From The Loop’ Adapted for Series”).

In Tales from the Loop, players assume the roles of teenagers solving mysteries connected to the Loop, a massive underground particle generator. The Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set contains everything players need to get started in the world of the Loop, including an illustrated rulebook, a brand new adventure module called The Recycled Boy, 5 pre-generated characters for quick play, a full-color map of the land of the Loop, and 10 engraved custom dice. The set includes a cover featuring art by Simon Stålenhag made specifically for the Amazon series.

The Tales from the Loop Roleplaying Game Starter Set will be available in April, and will retail for $27.00.

The Tales from the Loop roleplaying game launched in 2017 and is inspired by the narrative art books of the same name by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. Free League Publishing released a stand-alone sequel in 2019 called Tales from the Flood (see “‘Things From The Flood RPG’ Coming to Trade”).