Pegasus Spiele will release Bonfire, a tile placement game by Stefan Feld, into U.S. retail in September.

In Bonfire, players take command of a gnome tribe that is trying to bring Guardians back to their city by setting bonfires. On each turn, players can perform one of three actions: place a Fate Tile, perform Actions by spending Action Tiles, or light a Bonfire and send a Novice to the High Council. The Action Tiles allow players to travel to an island, and come back with a task or a Guardian from an island. Bonfire is sophisticated strategy game that requires that players optimize their turns, and tactically place tiles in order to win the game.  

The game box comes with a game board, 4 player boards, 4 action overviews, 4 starting tiles, 4 extension tiles, 66 tasks, 72 Action tiles, 28 Portals, 28 Path tiles, 5 Countdown tiles, 32 Fate tiles, 40 Offering tiles, a Bonfire, 4 0/50-markers, 33 Gnome cards, 4 Overview cards, 8 cards for solo play, 20 Guardians, 33 Novices, 57 Resources, 4 Ships, 4 score markers, and 2 rulebooks. This game is for one to four players, ages 12 and up, play in 70 to 100 minutes, and will retail at $59.95.

Pegasus Spiele will also release Undo: 600 Seconds, an escape scenario game, into U.S. retail on August 8 (see "Pegasus Spiele Will Release a New 'Undo' Game Into U.S. Trade").