Wizards of the Coast announced the Secret Lair: Every Dog Has Its Day, a direct sale set celebrating International Dog Day, available for order of August 16.

 WotC's effort to allow players more options for deck personalization continues with this set for dog lovers.  This set includes a copy of Rest In Peace, Ancient Grudge, Dig Through Time, and Lightning Greaves all featuring alternative artwork. It also comes with a unique code to redeem one copy of each dog art on sleeves in Magic Arena and Magic Online.  Secret Lair: Every Dog Has Its Day can be ordered as a foil set for $39.99 or a non-foil set for $29.99 plus shipping (about $5.00).

Secret Lair: Every Dog Has Its Day may be a true test of the Secret Lair's basic premise as a product line, which is to print limited offerings of for purposes of tailoring decks or collections to the player's specific tastes or style. It features four very playable cards that have been printed heavily over the last several years (Rest In Peace x 4, Ancient Grudge x 5, Dig Through Time x 3, and Lightning Greaves x 15). Additionally, on TCGPlayer,  the regular non-foil versions of these cards carry a market price totaling $10.25 (Rest In Peace $3.50, Ancient Grudge $0.22, Dig Through Time $3.43,and Lightning Greaves $3.10).

Theoretically, a player could pick up all of these cards, if they were looking just to play with them, for about a third of the asking price of a non-foil Secret Lair: Every Dog Has Its Day set. Does deck personalization constitute that much of a premium? Only time will tell for this set.

Wizards of the Coast recently started shipping five Secret Lair Drop Series sets that were offered the week of June 1 (see "Super Summerdrop Announced for 'Magic: The Gathering's' 'Secret Lair'").

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