Thintwhistle Books, a company formed by cartoonist Steve Stiles’ widow Elaine Stiles after his death, will publish The Return of Hyper Comics, an anthology of Stiles’ work, in September, the company announced.

Stiles comes out of the underground comics tradition, and was published in Heavy Metal, The Realist, Anarchy Comics, Snarf, Bizarre Sex, and Comix Book, as well as in his own title, Hyper Comics.  He also did mainstream work for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Marvel’s Star Comics line, and others.  Stiles co-created and drew The Adventures of Professor Thintwhistle and his Incredible Aether Flyer, a proto-steampunk satire, with Dick Lupoff, first for Heavy Metal and collected later by Fantagraphics Books.

Longtime publisher Denis Kitchen provides the foreword, and former Heavy Metal editor Ted White the afterword.

This 150-page, 7" x 10" b/w, $18.95 collection includes work from Hyper Comics, Heavy Metal, Stardate, and other publications, offering "wicked social satire, bizarre sex, science fiction, violence, drugs, and personal humiliation."

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