Joining the growing numbers of comic publishers that are pivoting to graphic novels for younger readers, Mad Cave Studios will launch Maverick, a young adult graphic novel imprint, in Fall 2021, the company announced.  New titles will be released bi-monthly, with five titles announced at launch:

Nightmare in Savannah, written by Lela Gwenn, with art by Rowan MacColl, tells the story of a teenager moving to Savannah when her parents are sent to jail, and joining a group of outsiders who develop an ancient fay power flowing through their veins.

World Class, written by Jay Sandlin with art by Patrick Mullholland and colors by Rebecca Nalty is a story of a young soccer player going to an elite prep school in London and the challenges, and help, he finds there.

Needle & Thread, written by David Pinckney with art by Ennun Ana Iurov, features teenagers that use cosplay to be themselves in the face of expectations due to their backgrounds and families.

Good Game, Well Played, written by Rachael Smith with art by Katherine Lobo, follows a teenager with a summer job in a video game store who joins with her friends to try to save the story from a greedy landlord.

Of Her Own Design, written by Birdie Willis with art by Jess Taylor and colors by Stephanie Palladino, tells the story of a 16-year-old who encounters a magical pen that causes her stories to come to life.

Maverick is a well-traveled name for comic imprints.  The Dark Horse Maverick imprint, for creator-owned work, ran from 1999 to 2003; and the Virgin Comics Maverick imprint, also for creator-owned material, launched in 2006 (see "First Four Virgin Comics") with an even shorter life span.

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