Pandasaurus Games will release Robots, a Kinderspiel des Jahres nominated guessing game by Reinhard Staupe (see "'Spiel des Jahres' Jury Announces 2020 Nominees"), into the U.S. hobby market on October 14.

In Robots, one player takes on the role of an imaginary robot and the other players team up to take turns moving it between objects. The goal is guess which object the robot lands on after four seconds of movement when the cards are laid out. For each correct guess, teams receive three chips and players who were close to the correct object receive either two or one chips. Gameplay lasts 11 rounds and the team with the most chips wins.

The game box comes with 12 cards, 50 wooden discs, and a rulebook. It is for two to six players, ages 5 and up, plays in 15 minutes, and will retail for $14.95.

Pandasaurus Games also announced Ohanami, a card drafting game designed by Steffen Benndorf, on October 28 (see "Welcome The Arrival of The Cherry Blossoms With A Beautiful Garden in 'Ohanami'").