Archie Comics will release Riverdale Presents: The South Side Serpents #1 on January 21, 2021.

The CW's biker version of Jughead Jones and his gang called the South Side Serpents is headed for a special issue one-shot comic.  This issue recounts the tale of how Jughead steps up to become the leader of the Serpents on a perilous journey where they are being hunted by rival biker gangs.  David Barnett, the writer on this issue, commented on darker world of the Serpents:

"Focusing on the South Side Serpents gave me a chance to bring in the darkness and edginess of Riverdale but blend that with a little fun, as well," said Barnett.  "I got to throw all my Kerouackian road trip fantasies in with Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels, and add a very healthy dollop of one of my favorite movies, The Warriors."

The art for this book is provided by Richard Ortiz, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli.  The book comes as a 32-page, full color comic with a variant cover by Tyler Boss that will retail for $3.99.

Recently, production was paused on the set of Riverdale due to COVID-19 concerns (see "CW's Production Paused").

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