Free League Publishing will release Coriolis: The Last Cyclade, the second part of the Coriolis: The Third Horizon - Mercy of the Icons (see “Free League Publishing Acquires ‘Coriolis’ From Paradox Interactive”), on December 8.

The Last Cyclade puts players on a mission to explore the ghost ship Zafirah. The first crew to reach the derelict vessel will unveil the truth behind an ominous mystery. It is a race against time at the heart of the horizon’s escalating conflict, all while an ancient evil rising from the shadows.

Coriolis: The Last Cyclade is a 240-page hardcover module that gives players everything they need to play. The book provides gamemasters with extensive background information on the events and inhabitants of the Third Horizon. A set of Mission Generator Tables allow players to create custom made adventures. Players will explore four new adventure landscapes that expose their characters to these troublesome times. The book also includes two new adventures, “The Uharan Echo” and “In the Shadow of the Zenith”. The Last Cyclade will retail for $39.99.

Free League Publishing also announced Vaesen: Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries in September (see “Dive Deeper into Nordic Horror with ‘Vaesen: Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries’”).