WizKids will release WarLock Tiles: Accessory - Torture Chamber, a new miniatures set, in February 2021.

As a general fact of dungeon delving, creepy old dungeons generally have creepy old torture chambers. Now, Dungeonmasters can the remnants of an abandoned torture chamber to their campaigns. This set comes with 2 Cages, 2 Chains, a Iron Maiden, 2 Stocks,  2 Torture Crosses, 2 The Racks, a Drowning Through, 2 Hanging Cages, a Table, an Assistant, a Brazen Bull, 2 Fire Bowls (with clear fire element), a Spike Chair, a Pendulum, 2 Fire Torch Lamps on Wood Stand, a Surgical Tray, a Catherine Wheel, and a Torturer.

This set will retail for $49.99.

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