Iello USA will release Detective Charlie, a cooperative deduction game by Loki, into U.S. retail on January 21.

In this new family game, players work together to help Detective Charlie solve a mystery.  There are strange occurrences happening in the city, and the inhabitants all have a piece of the puzzle.  Players need to cooperatively examine clues, while they mind the clock, in order to help solve the case.

The game box comes with 6 Investigation decks, 6 Guilty envelopes, a Detective book, a Pocket Watch, a  Detective Charlie, a standee, a rulebook, and a die.  This game is for one to five players, ages 7 and up, plays in 25 minutes, and retails for $24.99.

Iello USA recently revealed Dwar7s Fall, a new worker placement by Luis Brueh, for release into U.S. retail in December (see "Iello Reveals 'Dwar7s Fall' for Release Into U.S. Retail").