Para Bellum Wargames announced four Conquest: First Blood Faction Taster Sets, miniatures skirmish battle starter sets, for release on January 25.

Conquest: First Blood is the skirmish battles version of the Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings mass combat, epic battle system (see "Para Bellum Draws 'First Blood' for 'Conquest'"). The Faction Taster sets for this line offer new players a chance to dive into the rules system without having to engage in large scale battles. Additionally, rules for Conquest: First Blood can be downloaded for free off the Para Bellum web site, which makes it easier for war gamers to pick-up-and-play.

Para Bellum will release four new Faction Taster sets, one for each of the following factions: the Dweghom, the Nords, The Spires, and The Hundred Kingdoms. Each set comes with a "taste" of what the faction has to offer. The starters contain multiple miniatures, unit trays, bases, cards, and a rulebook. They will retail for $49.00, and will initially be exclusive to retailers through the First Blood: First Glory kit (see "Sponsored: Para Bellum Wargames Offers 2021 Sneak Peak with Special Retailer Kit!").

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