Management roles and titles in the C-suite of Geppi Family Enterprises have been tweaked in the wake of the departure of COO Stan Heidmann last summer (see "Geppi Returns to Active Duty").  At that time, founder and owner Steve Geppi re-assumed the role of President of Geppi Family Enterprises (see "Geppi Returns to Active Duty").  Heidmann had joined the company in 2019, setting off a round of officer changes at GFE and its subsidiaries Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors (see "Management Shake-Up at Diamond, Alliance").

In response to questions, GFE provided ICv2 with an updated list of officers at the company.  They are:

  • Steve Geppi, Chairman, President & CEO Geppi Family Enterprises
  • Chuck Parker, President, Diamond Comic Distributors
  • Larry Swanson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Kathy Govier, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Shawn Hamrick, Chief Logistics Officer
  • Tim Lenaghan, Chief Purchasing Officer
  • Chris Powell, Chief Sales & Service Officer
  • Dan Hirsch, Chief Business Development Officer

Chuck Parker has returned to an operating role; he had served as COO of Diamond for decades, moved to GFE Chief of Staff for Heidmann, and now has taken the role of President of Diamond Comic Distributors.  Charlie Tyson remains President of Alliance Game Distributors.

Three other GFE titles changed:

  • Chris Powell, formerly Chief Relationship Officer, is now Chief Sales & Service Officer
  • Tim Lenaghan, formerly Chief Procurement Officer, is now Chief Purchasing Officer
  • Dan Hirsch, formerly Chief Revenue Officer, is now Chief Business Development Officer