Fantagraphics will publish Ed Piskor’s Red Room, a 12-issue sci-fi horror series about criminals who livestream murders on the so-called "dark web," the shady underside of the Internet that is home to cybercrimes paid for with cryptocurrency. Fantagraphics will publish the series in three monthly four-issue arcs, which will be collected into three trade paperbacks. Red Room #1 is scheduled for May 2021 and will be an oversized 64-page issue priced at $6.99. Subsequent issues will be 32 pages with an MSRP of $3.99. The first trade paperback, collecting issues #1-4, is scheduled for fall 2021 release. 

Piskor, who won an Eisner Award for his Hip Hop Family Tree, describes Red Room as “a cyberpunk, outlaw, splatterpunk comic that you can't unsee once you feast your eyes on the mayhem,” and compares it to an amalgam of EC Comics and the television series Black Mirror. He has constructed Red Room as interconnected stories that stand alone but also build up to an overarching plot. Piskor has been serializing the comic online on his Patreon and promoting it on Comics Kayfabe, the podcast he does with Jim Rugg.