Bezier Games unveiled Suburbia 2E and Suburbia Expansions for release on March 24.

Surburbia 2E features a variety of upgrades from the original version published in 2012. The upgrades include new artwork and a dual-sided scoreboard. It also comes with GameTrayz storage organizers to corral loose tiles.

In addition to the new edition, Suburbia Expansions will come out as well. It features five expansions to the base game: Suburbia: Suburbia Inc., Suburbia 5-Star, Suburbia Nightlife, Essen, and Cons.This expansion collection adds dozens of new building tiles, goals, new mechanics, and an option to include a fifth player.

No word on MSRP for either of these products as of the publication of this article.

Bezier Games released Suburbia Collector's Edition in 2019 (see "Bezier's 'Suburbia' Gets Deluxe 'Collector's Edition'").