Brotherwise Games has reached a deal with Wonderstorm to produce The Dragon Prince:  Battlecharged, a miniatures-based board game inspired by the Emmy Award-winning animated Netflix series, with release set for this fall.

The game combines elements of tactical miniatures games and card-based battle games.  Players take control of teams of heroes and villains from the series, maneuvering their miniatures across one of six battle maps while using cards to power their attacks and special abilities.  Different characters use their own customized decks to support different playing styles.

The Dragon Prince:  Battlecharged includes eight characters:  Rayla, Ezran, Callum, Amaya, janai, Viren, Claudia, and Soren, each represented by their own miniature and card deck.  Future expansions are planned which will add additional characters and playing options to the game.

MSRP for the base set will be $39.95.

Last month, a tabletop role playing game based on the series was announced (see “Fandom and Wonderstorm Unveil ‘Tales of Xadia:  The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game’”).  Scholastic launched a graphic novel series last year (see “Scholastic Lines Up New Titles from ‘Dog Man,’ ‘Hey Kiddo’ Authors”).