Wyrd Miniatures announced new Malifaux 3E miniatures sets coming in June.

As Malifaux 3E releases roll along, Wyrd will release a new Outcast Starter Box and several miniatures sets. Miniatures for these sets will come unpainted. The following sets will be headed to stores in June:

  • Outcast Starter Box. This set comes preassembled and will retail for $50.00.
  • Turning Tides. MSRP will be $50.00.
  • Hush. MSRP will be $45.00.
  • Off the Deep End. MSRP will be $25.00.
  • Here Lies. MSRP will be $35.00.
  • Razorspine Rattlers. MSRP will be $13.00.

Along with the miniatures sets, they will also be putting out a new The Iconic Fate Deck. This deck will retail for $55.00.

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